• Juda kiln -200T/D 3 production lines -EPC project

    Juda kiln -200T/D 3 production lines -EPC project

    Budget quotation (single kiln)   Name Detail Quantity Unit Price/$ Total/$ Foundation rebar 13 T 680 8840 concrete 450 cubic 70 31500 Total       40340 steel structure Steel plate 140 T 685 95900 proximate matter 33 T 685 22605 tube 29 T 685 19865 Total       138370 Kiln body insulation material firebrick(LZ-55,345mm) 500 T 380 190000 fireclay 50 T 120 6000 Aluminum silicate f...

  • Juda Kiln-Inner Mongolia 300T/D×3 environmentally friendly lime kiln production lines

    Juda Kiln-Inner Mongolia 300T/D×3 environmental...

    Technical parameters and performance table No. Contents Parameters 01 (24h)Capacity 100-150t、200-250t、300-350t 02 Occupied area  3000–6000sq.m 03 Total Height 40-55M 04 Effective Height 28-36M 05 Outer diameter 7.5-9M 06 Inner diameter 3.5-6.5M 07 Firing temperature 1100℃-1150℃ 08 Firing period Circulation 09 Fuel Anthracite, 2-4cm ,calorific value greater than 6800 kcal/kg 10  coal consumption 1...

  • Juda kiln -300T/D production line -EPC project

    Juda kiln -300T/D production line -EPC project

    Technological process: Batcher system: the stone and coal are respectively transported to the stone and coal cache buckets with belts;The weighing stone is then fed into the mixing belt through the feeder.The weighed coal goes into the mixing belt through the flat belt feeder. Feeding system: stone and coal stored in the mixed belt are transported to the hopper, which is operated by the winder to make the hopper circulate up and down for feeding, which improves the transport volume and achie...

  • Juda kiln – 100 tons/day production process -EPC project

    Juda kiln – 100 tons/day production proce...

    I. Significance of Developing New Modern Lime Kiln Technology Lime is the main and main auxiliary material for steel production, calcium carbide production, refractory production, alumina production. Especially in the new era, new technology, new products continue to develop calcium materials are more and more widely used. Practice has proved that modern lime kiln technology is indeed a very realistic and shortcut benefit bright spot for iron and steel enterprises, calcium carbide enterprises...

  • Juda Kiln-Cross section of bottom of kiln

    Juda Kiln-Cross section of bottom of kiln

    Superior performance of equipment (1) High daily production (up to 300 tons per day); (2) High product activity (up to 260~320 ml); (3) Low burn rate (≤10 per cent;) (4) Stable calcium oxide content (CaO≥90 per cent); (5) Easy operation and control in the kiln (no pumping, no deviation, no cascade, no furnace, balanced settlement of coal in the furnace); (6) Reduction in the amount of lime consumed by the product after use by the enterprise (30 per cent for steelmaking, desulphurization and s...

  • Furnace Grill Of The Kiln Body

    Furnace Grill Of The Kiln Body

    8. furnace mountain system The finished lime passes through the furnace frame under the action of gravity, the small particles fall directly on the dust hopper, the large particles stay outside the furnace mountain, protect the combustion pipeline, ensure the oxygen supply, can automatically control the discharge speed of the finished product in the furnace, and is of great help to the smooth surface, high yield and fuel combustion. If the size of limestone is uneven, the difference is too la...

  • Two Stage Lock Air Valve

    Two Stage Lock Air Valve

    10. Air lock system Two-stage air-locking valve device: is one of the indispensable processes in the production of lime shaft kiln. The general ash removal equipment is to stop the air and exhaust ash, this equipment is to keep the air and seal the ash: in the process of ash removal, due to the rotation sealing of the two baffles, the combustion air will not leak from the lower part, which can effectively improve the quality and output of lime. structure of the equipment: the device is compos...

  • Combustion Fan

    Combustion Fan

    11. Air supply system  Nowadays, most lime kilns only supply air at the bottom, which is not evenly distributed, and is prone to the phenomena of partial burning, core extraction, coking and edge refining. The high pressure wind produced by our special combustion fan rises to the calcining zone through the cooling zone at the bottom of the kiln. The cooling zone is actually a heat exchange zone. The temperature of lime drops sharply when the natural temperature rises with high temperature lim...

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Linyi Juda science and technology environmental protection engineering co., Ltd. a factory with over 30 years’ history, mainly engaged in environmental protection vertical lime kiln, kiln furnace supporting equipment, environmental protection dust removal equipment and automatic control system, etc. Our company has won the trust of the majority of customers through perfect design system, excellent core products, strong construction and manufacturing capacity, reliable engineering quality, high level of service and good performance.

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  • Dust removal technology of lime kiln

    There are many types of lime kilns. The development of lime kilns has also helped the production and processing of our industry, but how much do we know about the dust removal knowledge of lime K kilns? Today we will briefly introduce some of them. There are many kinds of dust removal methods for...

  • Dust removal principle and influence factors of bag dust collector

    Bag type dust remover is a device that suspends many filter bags in the dust chamber to purify dust-containing gas. Its main components are filter bags, shell, ash hopper and flying mechanism. The dust removal mechanism of bag dust collector is complex, including inertial collision, interception,...

  • The significance of cleaning lime kiln

    At present, the society is advocating environmental protection, so the lime kiln development should also be clean. At present, the most common limestone calcining device is the vertical kiln. Its structural characteristics mainly depend on the combustion method of fuel and the production capacity...

  • Advantages and disadvantages of different lime kilns

    Nowadays, with the gradual implementation of the national economic construction, the demand for lime has been increasing. However, the traditional earth kiln has been banned by the state due to its high energy consumption, low thermal efficiency, high overburning rate and serious pollution. Nowad...

  • Lime kiln knowledge

    Lime kiln is an important equipment in our production of lime, and the related types of lime kiln are also increasing, so how much do you know about the relevant knowledge of lime kiln? Then we will briefly introduce some for you.   The fuel of burning lime is very wide, solid fuel, gas fuel...

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